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Consumer Information Leaflet

Why You Should Buy STANO 50® (Stanozolol) at FULMEN Pharma?

Here at FULMEN Pharma every single day we strive to deliver immaculate German quality anabolic steroids and HGH for our valued customer by ensuring uninterrupted human eye control on all the processes, post-production tests and examinations followed by a strict each product inspection before shipment. We are absolutely confident about your STANO 50® (Stanozolol) product satisfaction and online shopping experience!

About STANO 50® (Stanozolol) Product

STANO 50® (Stanozolol) is an injectable steroid used in the accumulation of body and sold under several brand names. It is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) which has been derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Stanozolol was first developed by an American Pharmaceutical Company (Winthrop Laboratories) in 1962. The use of the drug in humans has been approved by the FDA even though it is no longer marketed in the USA.

Contrary to what is obtainable in other injectable AAS, STANO 50® (Stanozolol) is not esterified and has been sold as an aqueous suspension or an oral tablet. It has a high rate of bioavailability which is mainly conferred on it as a result of alkylation which gives the hormone passage through the liver whenever it is ingested. STANO 50® (Stanozolol) has been successfully utilized as a performance-enhancing drug; it has been used with some level of success in the treatment of venous insufficiency and in the accumulation of body mass. The use of STANO 50® (Stanozolol) has been shown to stimulate blood fibrinolysis and has been assessed for the treatment of the more advanced forms of skin changes in venous diseases such as lipodermatosclerosis. In the most random trial conducted on STANO 50® (Stanozolol), it was discovered that the drug brought about an improvement in the area of lipodermatosclerosis, brought a reduction in skin thickness, increased the level of body mass and also created a faster ulcer healing rate with stanozolol.
STANO 50® (Stanozolol) has been utilized in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which has led to the occurrence of swelling of the bowel wall, extremities, face, genitals, and throat. STANO 50® (Stanozolol) have been used to decrease the severity and frequency of the attacks.

Stanozolol is a cutting drug and may not be useful in the treatment of anaemia. Thus, its ability to assume the role of bulking is very minimal (but it is not impossible). It has been linked to raising the total amount of free testosterone in circulation in the body. Most individuals prefer to take STANO 50® (Stanozolol) orally, and this has been a significant challenge to the bulking cycle which will be a very heavy dosage as well as in the toxicity level. The use of STANO 50® (Stanozolol) is linked with some undesirable results on cholesterol and cardiac hypertrophy. Due to its toxicity level, it is highly recommended that the drug should be used for a period of 6 weeks although there are cases where people have run it to 12 weeks with no form of complications.

Some of the most common side interactions associated with the use of STANO 50® (Stanozolol) come in the form of abdominal pain, dark-colored urine, light-colored stools, nausea or vomiting, unusual fatigue, and the yellowing of the skin or eyes. Administration of STANO 50® (Stanozolol) can either be orally or intramuscular.

In summary, each vial of STANO 50® (Stanozolol) contains 10 ml of the product with 50 mg/ml concentration.