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Testosterone Enanthate
300 mg/ml
10 ml

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Consumer Information Leaflet

Why You Should Buy TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) at FULMEN Pharma?

Here at FULMEN Pharma every single day we strive to deliver immaculate German quality anabolic steroids and HGH for our valued customer by ensuring uninterrupted human eye control on all the processes, post-production tests and examinations followed by a strict each product inspection before shipment. We are absolutely confident about your TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) product satisfaction and online shopping experience!

About TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) Product

TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) is an injectable steroid similar to testosterone cypionate ester. Most often, these two can be used interchangeably since they both occur as esters of the same testosterone. The two testosterones slightly differ in their ester length.
Testosterone is responsible for normal functions such as in the development of bones, muscles, genitals, and enhancing puberty in boys.

Testosterone is a highly anabolic androgenic hormone. It comes with an anabolic (muscle building) and a rating of 100. These testosterones tend to elicit the majority of their effects in the promotion of nitrogen retention in the muscles thus bringing about a pumping effect. These androgenic hormones have been identified to increase the level of the growth factor IGF-1 in both the tissues of the muscle as well as that of the liver. TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) has been successfully utilized in the increased activity of satellite cells. Satellite cells are cells that play an active role in the replacement of exercise-damaged muscles. These testosterones elicit this effect basically by some genomic mechanisms. This mechanism involves the binding of the androgen receptor (AR) thus initiating gene transcription. When this stimulation occurs, the AR will be triggered to promote the various AR-dependent mechanisms for both fat loss and muscle gain, as well as in the reduction of catabolic glucocorticoid hormones. It also boosts the production of red blood cells (RBCs). In some cases, TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) may even aid in the protection of the heart against all forms of coronary diseases. It achieves this by binding to the AR on fat cells thus bringing about the fat catabolism (fat breakdown) and also in the prevention of new fat formation.

One of the most fascinating facts about TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) is in the determination of dosage. Just like in every other form of testosterone esters, the dose is ultimately determined by the age of the patient and the type of disease condition it is being used for. For muscle builders, research has shown that the higher the dose of TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) used, the higher the level of the result obtained. Data gathered from research revealed that a dosage of up 600 mg of TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) produced far better results than any other dosage. This is pretty much typical with all other forms of steroids. TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) is mostly applied to the muscles under the skin using a syringe and needle. Since TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) is an injectable steroid, it is imperative that you consult with a physician to teach you the best methods of application.
For weight builders, the higher the dosage, the higher the result. For other forms of sicknesses, please consult with your physician.

The side effect of TESTO E300® (Testosterone Enanthate) includes acne, hair loss, headache, increased/decreased sexual interest, Nausea, oily skin, Pain and redness at the injection site, skin color changes, and in very unlikely event vomiting.